1. A prospective member completes an application and either (a) mails it to the HBA mailbox or (b) hands it to an HBA member.
    • If the application is received at the mailbox, whoever picks up the mail (currently Ashley) passes the application to the Membership Chair (Julie), by delivering it to Julie or by arranging for Julie to pick it up.
    • If the application is handed to an HBA member, the member passes the application to Julie, either directly or by passing it to a Board member.
  2. Julie examines the application to answer the Big Question: "Is there a check with it?"
    • If "NO," Julie proceeds to:
      1. Place the application in a folder labeled "Pending Applications" and
      2. Pursue the applicant with vigor -- calling, writing, showing up in the middle of the night (joke) -- whatever is necessary to obtain the $75.00 membership fee.
    • If "YES," Julie proceeds to:
      1. Record the method, the amount, and the date of payment on the application.
      2. PHOTOGRAPH OR SCAN the completed application.
      3. EMAIL the image of the application to:
        • HBA Treasurer (Ashley)
        • MailChimp manager (Romi)
        • HBA Webmaster (JJ)
      4. Deliver the check to Ashley or arrange for Ashley to pick it up.
      5. Place the application in a folder labeled "Current Members."